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Inspire a New Model for the World You Want!

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OSlantis Connects Change Makers with Solution Makers

 Inspire a New Model for the World You Want!

Change Makers: Inspire the crowd to solve world problems. Gather funds with crowdfunding and throw a challenge to makers who can solve it in Open Source.
From new software platforms, to improved hardware or any kind of challenge that most people think is impossible,

“If OSlantis had been around in 1909 I could have launched the Orteig Prize much easier, built a larger community and gotten a solution in Open Source. The development of Aviation could have spread all over the world… [Sigh]”


Raymond Orteig– Raymond Orteig (1870-1939)
Hotel Owner and
Organizer of the Orteig Prize

Solution Makers: Use your talent to solve meaningful problems, practice your skills, have fun and be rewarded for creating new breakthroughs in Open Source.
Participate in challenges to solve community and world problems in Open Source, get recognition and rewards.

“OSlantis helps inventors fund their innovations, gather a community of contributors to collaborate, while allowing the rest of the world to build new bricks on top of it… Brilliant!”


Jonas Salk– Jonas Salk (1914-1995),
Polio Vaccine Inventor, doesn’t patent it and shares it free of charge for anyone to use it



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