About OSlantis


We believe that you should be able to solve any problem – even if you don’t have the funds or the community to make it happen.

You may have heard that the only way to tackle big problems or creating new breakthroughs is by having huge amounts of money and amazing connections with highly placed people.
We couldn’t disagree more.

We believe that almost any problem – as big as it may seem – can be solved, as long as it can help others improve their lives. This is why we’ve made this platform, so you can share your bold challenges and attract solutions that would otherwise be hidden in the haystack.

But before we go any further, allow us to introduce ourselves…


Hi there, we are Jaime and Edouard.

Open Source contributors, Crowdfunding fans, and believers in the power of the collective.

We are here to help you spark your next ecological moonshot, new social solutions or any other crazy idea that you think can help the common good, and reward you for it.

It’s our mission to help you make the world a better place, and to connect you with people who can help you to make it happen.

If you want:

  • To give a brick and get a house
  • New solutions that anyone can improve
  • To make a more transparent and empowering world for everyone 
  • To get rewarded for your work and reward the work of others

Then make yourself at home, you’re in the right place.

Our 7 core values.

For us, one of the best ways to tackle big problems is to do it together, following these 7 core values. If these resonate with you, contact us right away, we might have something to do together.


… to allow anyone to access, study, modify and sell anything, so goodness can be spread around faster and further.


… to reward and support those who contribute to the common good.


… to improve yourself and make a living from the positive vision you have for the world.


… to invite diversity, build resilience and have a bigger impact together.



…to sustain those who create new innovations and to give access to those who need it.



…to create solutions that do things right, like restore and replenish the world, rather than create solutions that do things less bad.


… to tackle problems that seem impossible, but are just hard … or very hard.


More On Our Story

We are idealistic, restless and we believe the world can be better designed environmentally and socially. All of this without forgetting that it should allow people to make a living out of sharing.

Over the past years we’ve been looking for ways to tackle the world’s most pressing problems, like planned obsolescence, making society more democratic or to lower the barriers of access to money. This has led us to work with collaborative communities, partner with Open Source projects and learn everything under the sun about Crowdfunding and Challenge Prizes.

Throughout this period we realized many of us were looking for the same solutions.


So now it’s our time to share this experience with you.

We want to help you find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, and spread these solutions where they are needed.

We want to support you through this adventure.

Have a great challenge you want to solve? 

Tell us about it!

We’ll contact you back as soon as possible with the next steps

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