Campaign Guide (Short Version)

Here are the 7 keys you need to know to share your OSlantis campaign:

Start with “why?”

What it the current situation? Why is it problematic or needs to be changed? Who are we doing it for? What outcome do we want to reach with the project once solved?

Then, think about targets.

Is the key audience a community, a company, a university, government official who needs convincing about your campaign? If so, how can that people be moved? Make sure your research questions and instruments are relevant to the target audience. 

The “whole world” is not an audience!

The target must be more specific. Don’t try to attract the general media, it is not necessarily a good strategy. Most often than not they are not communicating to the audience you want to reach. Reaching the right audience that will be impacted by your campaign will be far more impactful.

Identify the messengers.

What are the networks and who are the key messengers for the target audience? Build an authentic relationship with people who already are interested in the subject and treat them as “hubs” who can re-tweet and use the message that you put out. Strategically target the ‘nodes’ and identify who is influential in the space that you’re targeting.

Timing is critical.

Look for an “influential moment,” when a group might be open and available to discussing the possibility of helping and participating in the campaign.

Be Visual.

Put compelling images out using social media, link images to websites or reports that you want people to see, and favour images over text. Only include important ‘catchy hooks’.

Make it easy to share.

Understanding what makes content shareable is key to making sure it reaches the right audiences. By breaking up a report or generating several different “leads” that can be used over many days or weeks as content for social media sources, you increase the likelihood that it will be shared most widely.

Tell the story of people!

Avoid dry details that only researchers would care about. Instead, tell a story about how the process worked for individuals or a community by including details that make the process more than a set of numbers.

Want to know more? Just send us a message and let us know that you’re ready to bring your idea to life; we’ll help you build the campaign and connect you with your community!

In the meanwhile you can check out the detailed Campaign Guide we made with templates and a useful checklist below:

Get it here

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