Fundraising Ideas

OSlantis Makes it Easy to Connect Change Makers with Solution Makers.

You want to shine some light on a problem that’s ignored? Do you want to encourage others to solve a problem or make new breakthroughs? We have some ideas for you.

Maybe you want to bring new products and services to market? Or you need to motivate new collaborations and partnerships? We can do this and even help you identify great ideas and practices in any field.

We understand that that crowd-challenging is not familiar to everyone.

Historically, when you wanted to create a change in the world you either needed money, a skilled team or a clear idea of how to create this change. OSlantis helps you find all three of them.

We help you take the fear out of crowd-challenging by taking you step-by-step into preparing a Challenge Prize. We’ll gather together the community who wants to solve this problem with you, and we’ll raise funds for your Prize. Without any upfront cost.

Here are some campaign ideas to organize your next challenge:

#1: Crowd-Challenging to solve problems people believe are impossible to solvable

Remember when people thought flying like a bird was impossible?

Well, neither do we, but it was a Challenge Prize that gave birth to trans-atlantic aviation. In 1919 Raymond Orteig launched a challenge to encourage adventurers to cross the Atlantic by plane. That’s how Lindbergh crossed it first, and how we now have thousands of planes crossing the world every day.

Maybe you will launch a challenge to create teleportation? (ok, maybe that one is a bit tricky…)

#2: Crowd-Challenging to shine light on a neglected problem

You probably like that your products last long, are easy to upgrade and easy to repair. Then you probably don’t like the idea of planned obsolescence even a little, or the fact that the designs are closed, sometimes obscure and that the repair manuals are not available to everyone…

Now you can launch a challenge to make durable, modular and Open Source alternatives, and encourage  the creation of products that won’t let you down.

Imagine if you could create a pair of durable tights (for you ladies or for you burglars) that won’t break after 2 weeks?

Or maybe a modular phone that you don’t have to replace every two years? (Ok, Phonebloks may have this one covered…)

How about enhancing the performance of the Open Source prosthetics that can be 3D printed? Or also, how about finding a way to control the asian hornet that is destroying the european bee population and putting in danger our food supplies?

But what if there is already a solution to these but is patented? Well, maybe you can launch a challenge to create an Open Source alternative that can spread its goodness twenty years before the patent expires.

#3: Crowd-Challenging to encourage other people to solve a problem or make new breakthroughs

You want to make the world fossil-fuel free, but you are not Bill gates and you can’t spend your own wealth to tackle the problem.

No worries, we got you covered. If you still want to make it happen and attract solutions that wouldn’t happen otherwise, you can launch challenges to accelerate innovation.

You can run a campaign and find if there is an idea hidden in the mind of an innovator or a hermit, and improve what’s already being done.

Examples you ask? Absolutely!

In 2010 there was the largest oil spill in history. The last major oil spill had happened in 1989, so in the meanwhile Oil companies had not spent money on better technologies to recover oil. So James Cameron, the Schmidt family Foundation and the XPrize Foundation launched a challenge to double the recovery rate of the existing technology. Their challenge was a success and the winning team improved the recovery rate by 5 times! 

These guys had some serious money and contacts, you might think. But now on OSlantis you also can launch your own particular challenge whenever you want to, and increase the resilience and sustainability of the entire world.

All without having Bill Gates’ bank account or contacts list.

want to encourage better ways to recover the Great Garbage Patch? Or a way to reforest our deserts affordable and by anyone? Or also to find the breakthrough in the haystack that will allow planes to be fueled by renewable-energy?

Let us know! We’ll work together to make it happen.

#4: Crowd-Challenging to prompt new collaborations and partnerships.

Are you the next Steve Jobs? Elon Musk? Dave Hakkens?

Do you envision amazing solutions but the project is too big for you to make it happen? Or you have no skilled team and no money to pay for their valuable contributions?

With the help of Crowd-Challenging you no longer have to keep your ideas in the drawer. In fact with the right strategy, you can feel free to start this project and gather skilled people who believe the idea is worth building, and a community of people who believe your idea is worth supporting.

All without sacrificing your financial well-being.

#5: Crowd-Challenging to identify great ideas or great practice

Want to recognize and reward ideas that tackle the most challenging areas of your industry? Crowd-challenging can also help you find ways of delivering more for less and achieving major breakthroughs to transform the way work has been done so far.

With Challenge Prizes you can support innovation that is already happening in your area, encouraging the development and spread of new ideas that will deliver better outcomes for yourself and for everyone else.

#6: Crowd-Challenging to build the capacity of new innovators and support their entry into the market.

Once your campaign is over and a solution has been successfully developed, you can partner with the innovator(s) to create a viable business.

You’ll have a community interested in a solution, and you’ll have an inventor who knows how to build it.

If you join forces together you can take the idea further and make a new crowdfunding campaign to produce this new innovation and pre-sell it to make a viable business out of it.


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