How does it works

Number 1

It all starts with a Problem or Project that’s too big for youImage - OSlantis Problem
OSlantis teams up with change makers to turn their Problem or Idea into a challenge with measurable targets to be achieved and solved in Open Source


Number 2You launch a crowdfunding campaign to gather some fundsImage - Oslantis Crowdfunding
With these funds you will be able to attract and reward creators and problem solvers to participate and solve your challenge. We can coach you to prepare your campaign and build your community


Number 3Once the funding is secured the challenge begins Image - OSlantis Crowdsourcing
You will get 10% of the funds raised for organizing the campaign, and makers from all over the world can start submitting their solutions


Number 4Finally the submissions are evaluatedImage - OSlantis Problem Solved
If a solution achieves to solve the challenge, and is documented and shared in Open Source, the contributors who made it are rewarded with 90% (minus payment-fees) of the funds raised during the crowdfunding phase


Number 5

Once a breakthrough is found, it can be further developed and spread by its communityImage - OSlantis Open Source (1)
Now you have a solution you can study, modify, and even commercialize, to create the world you want to see


Want to know more?

How it works 5How to use OSlantis

Find out what kind of campaigns you can set up with OSlantis.


How it works 8Funding and fees

Find out how to raise funds, how the funds are distributed, and the fees involved.


How it works 7Campaign Guide

We’ll help you create your campaign. For that we made a  step by step guide to help you make the campaign creation as easy as possible.

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