How to use OSlantis

OSlantis is a platform for people with a great vision or idea, but don’t know how to make it happen or are not able to create it alone. We have created this platfrom so you can get near unlimited capital through crowd funding and expertise through crowdsourcing.
Your idea is submitted as a challenge on the platform, and money is raised through crowdfunding to build a Prize. If the campaign is successful people can submit their inventions or collaborate to make one. Once the criterias of a challenge are met and the solution is shared in Open Source, the Prize raised is distributed among the inventor(s).

There are different campaigns you can create depending on your needs.


If you belong to a community that needs a solution, but you don’t know how to make it happen or there is no straightforward path to reach it, you can create a challenge to invite a community of makers design the best solution and gather a Prize to reward them for building and sharing it in Open Source. 10% of the funding will be delivered to you for organizing the campaign, and the remaining 90% will be kept for the creators of the concrete Open Source solution.

Challenges solve some of the barriers to innovation by offering an incentive to innovators to work on a problem. They are useful in situations where:

  • People might be working away at the problem from different angles but efforts are not coordinated or progress is not being made as quickly as is needed.
  • The expertise exists to solve a problem, but there is nothing driving or supporting innovators to invest in solving the problem.


You are a maker or belong to a team of makers, and you have a roadmap for you project, but you could use some help on some parts of the project. You set some milestones to be reached by the project and some parts to be created and integrated in the final product. You get some initial funds to buy materials and start the project, and once the milestones are reached, and shared in Open Source, we pay the collaborators with a part of the funding raised during the campaign.


You are a team who already has the skills to develop the project from beginning to end, but need the money to fund your own materials and research, and a community to take your Open Source project to tinker and evolve your project. You will be responsible to solve the challenge and share it in Open Source.

 How to use OSlantis 2


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