After mature thinking, comparing what other crowd-funding websites commissions and asking ourselves if all of this makes sense for us, we have decided to try something fairly new but risky (for our pockets).

Oslantis won’t be taking any commission fees whatsoever to the funds raised by the campaigns. Like this 100% of the funds, minus Payment fees of third parties, are kept for the organisers and the solvers involved in the campaign.

Since we also have to make a living, during the payment process, Oslantis suggests a tip that we consider fair to help us pay our servers,  develop the platform and pay employees so we can keep supporting more of your amazing Open Source project. You can pay what we suggest, more, less or nothing if this is what you consider fair.

You have the choice to decide how much you believe our work is worth. We have been deeply inspired by Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics, and Adrian Hoppel’s lifestyle change, and the pioneering approach in crowdfunding done by HelloAsso, a crowdfunding platform for french associations.

But it still feels like a jump into the void, hoping you’ll help us land safely.

This is an experiment for us, but we are doing this because we are convinced that if you trust people, people become trustworthy, which is the essence of the Open Source philosophy. Whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted on this experiment through the blog with stats and figures.With your support we’ll be able to make this happen. Please spread the word… and don’t forget to tip!

[Picture Credits: Reddit]

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